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This is not LADY GAGA, its CERAMIC GAGA in Foshan!
Established in 2004, GA GA CERAMICS is one of the most professional manufacturers in China, which is specialized in the production of tiles and mosaics, such as, porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles, glass mosaic, ceramic mosaic, metal mosaic, shell mosaic, mosaic pattern, wall tiles, floor tiles etc.
During 9 years development and research, we have increased the productivity, improved the manufacturing technology and raised the quality of products. With rich factory experience, super quality and excellent service, our products are very popular with clients from all over the world, such us America, Centural America, New Zealand, Australia, Congo, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Sweden, Slovenia, Spain, Germany, Bahrain, Panama, etc. Now our annual sales volume is over US﹩100,000,00.
Our target is to bring a fresh and innovative approach to exceed the expectations of every client by offering excellent quality products with fair pricing and exceptional customer care. We sincerely hope that everybody has a  varied life living in a beautiful decorated building with all kinds of tiles from GAGA.





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